The fantasy art of Anne Stokes is now recognised throughout the world. Her amazing life like designs cover a broad range of subjects, but she is best known for her strong female characters and portrayal of dragons. The symbolism behind the art enriches her story with powerful meaning and they become a vessel to convey sentiment, emotion and feeling.

Anne's work lends itself beautifully to an ever-growing range of objects and fashion items from posters and calendars to clothing and jewellery available via the Anne Stokes Collection licensed through world renowned agency – Art Ask.

Anne Stokes™ Artelier is a new chapter. A collaboration bringing together the art of Anne Stokes with designers and artisan makers to create exclusive, strictly limited-edition collections.

An Atelier is tradionally an artist's workroom - but in the world of fashion it is the place where the most skilled dress makers construct the Haute Couture Collections of the great designers, seen on the most prestigious runways in the world. The word ARTELIER (pronounced ar-tell-ee-ay ) has come to mean a place where fine art collections are curated.

We combine luxury and exclusivity with sustainability. Our designs favour natural materials and a stripped-back simplicity. We source from carefully chosen, ethical suppliers and we only produce what is ordered - this cuts down on the waste of precious natural resources.

This is why our delivery times are a little longer. But we promise, it is worth the wait.